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  • Access Control

    We provide intuitive solutions to manage access rights on all premises. Our access control solutions are simple and effective. We use the best technology and cutting-edge methods to create custom access schedules, giving our clients total control over their property.  Our solutions are easy to use, cutting out all the hassles of access control. 

  • Data Center

    Partnering with world-class manufacturers, we specialize in producing data centers that perform above industry standards. At Xpedient, we will design and build a new data center or retrofit existing equipment, guaranteeing that every DC has the necessary cooling and backup abilities. Each system has built-in failproof measures, like redundant storage, to maximize up-time and network performance.

  • Carrier Solutions

    Our team has a thorough knowledge of all major carriers, including Telepacific, AT&T, COX Communications, Windstream Communications, XO Communications, Sprint, Time Warner, TW Telecom, and Verizon. We use these carriers to truly integrate useful technologies into effective solutions. This in-depth knowledge leads to solutions meticulously tailored to our clients' needs based on their location, budget, and technology requirements.

  • PBX and VOIP

    At Xpedient, our status as a single-source provider allows us to seamlessly integrate phone systems with other network infrastructure technolgies. With painless, zero-interruption installation, Xpedient utilizes products from quality manufacturers representing global market share to maximize our clients' corporate networks, save cost, and exceed industry standards for digital, IP and hosted phone solutions.

  • Fiber Optics

    Effective network architecture maximizes the powerful capabilities of fiber optic cabling. Our revolutionary solutions integrate technologies with these high-performing conduits, optimizing bandwidth and network connections. At Xpedient, we never build minimum-compliant solutions: we anticipate the expansion of our clients' businesses and needs, so we build each one to outlast and outperform current capabilities. We are forward-thinking fiber optic experts, working with parallel optics and 10/40/100 gig migration to deliver solutions that optimize any network infrastructure.

  • Audio Visual

    Xpedient specializes in the design, integration, and support of audio visual solutions that enhance collaboration. Our qualified team members have the expertise to design and build solutions that meet our clients' individual needs, utilizing technologies such as digital signage, boardroom multi-media integration, video- and teleconferencing equipment, document sharing technology, and revolutionary telepresence systems. Our experience with industry-proven methods allows us to create innovative and intuitive solutions on the leading edge of technological advancement.

  • Outside Plant

    As a single-source provider, Xpedient is primed to provide every aspect of outside plant engineering- from a detailed needs analysis to the professional installation and support of a complete solution. Well-versed in the details of outside plant, we use aerial and underground solutions to provide unparalleled service. Each project is spearheaded by a highly-qualified professional trained to determine the most cost-effective way to forge needed connections. Our team can implement these plans with minimal hassle because we oversee all aspects from the plans to the permits. Because of our extensive experience, we are able to effortlessly guide our clients through the maze of options, effectively saving them valuable time and money.

  • Structured Cabling

    A well-designed structured cabling system is the foundation of an effective network. Even the best servers and equipment cannot function to their full capacity without a quality structured cabling solution. At Xpedient, our manufacturer-certified team starts each project by performing a detailed needs assessment. We design and build each solution to account for current needs, space, and budget while future-proofing each infrastructure for ever-changing bandwidth requirements. We are determined to optimize network speed and functionality through robust cabling solutions. Our client-centric approach leads to the seamless integration of technology in every solution.

  • Video Surveillance

    We understand the importance of reliable security, so we invent powerful solutions optimal for truly secure premises. With careful attention to detail, we plan and implement video security solutions that feature high-quality cameras linked with intuitive video analytics software. Our experience has taught us that the expert placement of quality equipment can cut down on excess costs and prepare our clients for any security event. Our experience in video security means that we safeguard our clients' businesses and their peace of mind.

  • Wireless Access

    Wireless access architecture is becoming increasingly important to all network infrastructures. Lightning-fast and reliable wireless networks guarantee access to essential technologies. Each solution is installed using the highest quality products available at the lowest price possible, and the ease of maintaining an Xpedient designed and built solution proves an easy task. We excel at providing high-performing solutions that lead to significant savings.

  • Intrusion Detection

    Xpedient Security provides security solutions that enable our clients to keep their employees, assets, and office space safe. The most effective way to ensure the security of a business is to install a powerful and trustworthy monitored intrusion detection system. Our security specialists have the expertise to tailor a solution to protect any business environment. Our world-class monitoring center ensures your assets are protected 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

  • LED Lighting

    We design and install custom LED lighting solutions that allow clients to save 50%-80% of their lighting electricity costs. Our solutions reduce energy consumption, maintenance, and costs by retrofitting existing incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and metal halide lighting with sustainable, energy efficient LED replacement solutions. As a specialty LED lighting provider, we work withyou to identify the areas within your operation that can generate the best use of LED lighting to maximize savings. Ideal Lighting Applications include both Interior and Exterior Solutions.



    • Stairwells
    • Low Bays (school, Office, retail)
    • High Bays (warehouse, big box retail, fitness)




    • Parking lot/Garage
    • Outdoor Ground Lights
    • Canopy Lighting (Gas station)